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Leyla Beryl is pretty hot - and we mean that in more ways than one. She's been cleaning all day and is itching to find a way to cool herself down.
I've been tidying up for hours. Scrubbing the floors, rearranging the wardrobe, cleaning the kitchen- you name it, I've done it. Oh, and on top of that, I got all dressed up because I was expecting to go out with my friends because it's a Friday night. but they're all tired too and can't be bothered to dance. So I guess I'm stuck here with you.
I guess I can show you what I was planning to go out in tonight. I have a nice black thong underneath, and while I don't normally wear them, I thought that seeing as I was going out, it would be a good idea. Want to take a look? Oh, you clearly like panties a lot, you can't keep your hands off! How about we get you to jerk off that dick of yours while I tease you some more with my underwear?
- Leyla Beryl


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